Pure Magic

by Marc Bolan



If there's one Bolan bootleg you need, it's this one. Every track is of the highest quality, and therefore gives a clear detail of what Marc was up to behind the scenes, from 1973 to 1976. Along with some custom artwork, this collection is now free for you to download and share!

The previous bootleg CD release of this collection contained the following liner notes, which you'll surely find of interest:

" This CD brings together a selection of Marc Bolan and Bolan related recordings with a soul flavour. Four different groups of recordings are represented on the disc: T.Rex, Gloria Jones, Pat Hall, and Richard Jones. Each track features Marc in some capacity; either he's singing and/or playing guitar, producing or has a songwriting credit. The majority of the tracks are unreleased. Those that have been released before are included here for reasons of context and in much better sound quality than has been previously available.

Soul style recordings with T.Rex and Gloria Jones were released in Marc's lifetime. The bulk of the Pat Hall recordings were released posthumously. Also previously unreleased are the Richard Jones tracks. These were often referred to by Marc in interviews but were never released at the time.

One of the great myths of rock history is that David Bowie became involved in soul music first and that Marc Bolan, in a desperate attempt to find a new direction, followed in Bowie's slipstream. This is patently false. The first strings of a soul influence in Bolan's music came in late 1972. Gloria Jones and others joined T.Rex on stage as backing singers for a number of dates on the Autumn 1972 US tour. 'Left Hand Luke' on the 'Tanx' album is quite clearly a soul influenced song. It seems Gloria Jones and Pat Hall were present for sessions in Copenhagen in March 1973 and one month later in Los Angeles. Both were then members of the T.Rex line up which toured the US throughout the summer of 1973.
Following a string of dates in Japan and Australia, Marc returned to Los Angeles in November 1973 and immediately began to work on tracks for Richard Jones and Pat Hall. Three Richard Jones tracks were recorded with Marc in the producer's chair. Of these two, 'Power Of Love' and 'No No No', are included on this release. A third song, 'Get 'Em Up', remains unreleased. Initial recordings with Pat Hall were also committed to tape at this time. All this happened nine months before David Bowie even began recording 'Young Americans' in Philadelphia.

After a pause for a short UK tour, Pat Hall sessions recommenced in London in February 1974 and continued through April. A great deal of time was spent working on the project with numerous mixes of the tracks being produced. For example, 'Do Your Thing' on this release is yet another mix of the song, this time with the rhythm guitar mixed to both channels. On Edsel's 'Marc Bolan Presents Sister Pat Hall' album, the guitar is only on the left channel.

On 24th April 1974 a master tape containing seven songs was compiled at Scorpio Sound in London. The mixes were then looked at again in May 1974 at MRI, but by this time Pat Hall was off the scene. What happened to her is one of the great mysteries of T.Rex history. The album was never released, though some tracks were later reworked for Gloria Jones' 'Vixen' album.

A second batch of Richard Jones sessions began around July 1975. These seemed to have continued throughout the year, with the songs going through a number of production stages until mixing in January 1976. Included here are two tracks, 'Lovin' You' (formerly known as 'Walking Through That Door' and erroneously described as a David Bowie and T.Rex recording) and 'Pure Magic'. It seems that these were intended for a single. 'Lovin' You' is marked on the tape box as being the b-side. Another song, as yet unreleased, 'Love Is Here To Stay', comes from this batch of material. At the mixing sessions for this song, a fourth, and also unreleased Richard Jones song entitled 'Shadows Of The Night' was also mixed. "


released May 4, 2011




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